A Treat For My Mom

During the holidays, we visited my parents at Springfield Massachusetts. It was so nice to see them! Tyler was really excited to see his grandparents. They remodeled the kitchen so the house looks and works much better now. The house was built in 1960s and looked old, especially the kitchen. My mom was thinking about it for a while and she finally pulled the trigger.

The remodeling finished early in December before we make a visit. It is nice after all works done but you know the mess after. When you do a remodeling, dust from drywall and wood pieces is clinging to everywhere including all the corners. Yes, they remodeled the kitchen but dust spread all over the house.


So after all is done, my mom was trying to clean up the mess herself.  While she was cleaning, she pulled her back muscle. Because she has her lingering back pain, she couldn’t clean it any more. I really wish that my mom wasn’t a complainer. If she is hurting, however, she talks about it. She doesn’t even think about the words coming out of her mouth but if there’s discomfort going on, she lets it be known.

I hate this quality and wish that she was actively working on riding herself of it but she hasn’t been. Instead, it seems like she has been working on perfecting it. She is known to have back pain and has been known to have it for about 10 years now on and off. She went to see a doctor and basically her doctor told that she needs to be more conscious with how she moves. Also she needs to start exercising and stretching because she is super tense and tight and prescribed her 3 different thing.

My Treat

With the pills and some physical therapy, she was getting better but worried about the cleaning before our visit. So I decided to treat her with a cleaning! I was told from my friends that Maid Pro was an excellent house cleaning company and they are a national brand. Luckily I found one of them in Springfield MA area. So I called them and booked a cleaning.

After the cleaning, I got a call from my mom. She was very, very happy with their work. She said that they were able to clean even places she had not been able to get to in quite a while. She was ecstatic! You know she complains when she is not fine but also she is happy when she is happy. She said the only concern was a little bit of difficulty communicating with one of them but it was not a big deal.

She thanked me over and over again for the wonderful treat. So I left a feedback at their Facebook page and complemented their work.  I was relieved that I spent money well! Now I am considering maybe to treat myself!

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